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Fuel injector for Peugeot Car  (3)
Fuel injector of Magneti Marelli  (4)
Fuel injector of Delphi  (6)
Fuel Injector of Bosch EV1  (1)
Fuel Injector of Bosch EV6  (6)
Fuel Injector of SPI  (2)
Fuel Injector of Denso  (6)
Fuel Injector of Simens  (10)
Fuel Injector of Bosch EV14  (9)
Fuel Injector of longer spray end  (14)
Fuel injector of Keihin  (5)
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Permissible fuel temperatures   ≤70

Working pressure                      2bar to 4.5bar

Working power supply               7V to 16V

Working Medium                       Gasoline,E20

Spray type                               Pencil Spray, Conical Spray, Dual Spray,Single Spray

Flow rate at 3 bar                      85cc/min up to 2700 cc/min

Coil resistance                           2.4ohm to 4.6ohm & 8.9ohm to 14.5ohm

Other OEM Numbers for this series of products

195500-2180, 195500-2350, 23209-65020, INP081...